The Association of
San Diego County Employees


                                                            PUTTING MEMBERS FIRST!
Welcome to the Association of San Diego County Employees, also known as ASDCE, a rank and file, member run labor organization certified as the sole and exclusive representative of the Crafts (CR) Bargaining Unit and the Construction, Maintenance, Operations & Repair (CM) Bargaining Unit.  ASDCE is devoted solely to its members and to their needs concerning wages, hours, and conditions of employment with the County of San Diego. 

                                                       OUR MEMBER’S MONEY MATTERS!
ASDCE is an “open shop” labor organization with no “agency fees”.  We hope that all of the CR & CM Bargaining Unit Employees join ASDCE to work together for better outcomes in our employment with the County of San Diego!

We believe organizational trust and accountability are earned and that employees have the right to choose to join by authorizing the payment of dues for membership or not. ASDCE’s finances are open, transparent, and reported
quarterly to the members.  ASDCE  maintains low overhead costs, balanced budgets and all of the members’ money
stays local, No funds go to Per Caps for district, state, national or international organizations. 

Dues are low and affordable set at 75% of one hour’s base pay per pay period capped in the Bylaws.  Dues money is allocated per the Bylaws for appropriate, cost-effective expenditures to pay for professional staff, legal and accounting services, and communications.

                                               REPRESENTATION MEANS SOLVING PROBLEMS! _______________________________________________________________________________________________
ASDCE’s team of stewards and officers work with experienced paid staff and labor attorneys to respond to members’
needs quickly, solving problems proactively and beyond.  We aggressively defend our Memorandum of Agreement
(MOA) and win merit-based cases to achieve beneficial outcomes.  If you are a member of ASDCE, we encourage you
to call. Our Stewards, Officers and Staff stand ready to work with you, to get you the help you need, when you need it. 

                       Please call 1-877-92-ASDCE / 1-877-922-7323 or Email INFO@ASDCE.ORG.

                                              THE OUTCOME IS BETTER IF WE WORK TOGETHER! _______________________________________________________________________________________________
The Association of San Diego County Employees builds effective partnerships to achieve our goals!  We are County employees dedicated to our Craft, proud of our efforts in service to the people of San Diego and determined to win
better outcomes in our professional interests and employment with the County. 

If you are not a member of ASDCE, please join us! (click here for application) We need your participation to be strong and effective!  If you are a member of ASDCE, Thank You! We really appreciate having you apart of ASDCE! 

                                                              MISSION STATEMENT     
It shall be the mission of The Association of San Diego County Employees to create and maintain the resources for the protection, care, and relief of its members, as well as, promote and maintain a feeling
of friendship and fraternity among its members. To promote the individual and collective welfare of the members, and to defend and preserve the rights of the members on all matters pertaining to their employment relationships with the County of San Diego and to advance their professional interests.

               The Outcome is Better if We Work Together!