The Association of
San Diego County Employees

Labor Management

ASDCE Labor Management Committee Chairman Wally Gutierrez

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The Labor Management Committee:
The Association of San Diego County Employees has established Labor Management Committees for the purpose of discussing matters of mutual concern, and to resolve issues between Labor and Management for the betterment of all. These meetings are important for creating great working relationships that enhance employee-employer relations.  The goal is to facilitate problem solving by the development of cooperative approaches. Labor Management Committees may meet quarterly.  The standing committee meeting meets to address issues with the department employing the majority of employees in the bargaining unit.  Ad hoc sub-committee meetings may also be held to address issues concerning all other departments employing CR Unit or CM Unit employees.

Appropriate Issues:  The Committee shall address issues concerning all departments employing CR and CM bargaining unit employees.  Standing Issues are:  Safety, Workload, Staffing/Vacancies, Budget, & Dignity/Respect.

Inappropriate Issues: Grievances and adverse actions, matters subject to bargaining are not authorized for this forum.

Committee Meetings:
Standing Issues:  Safety, Workload, Staffing/Vacancies, Budget, and Dignity/Respect 

CR UNIT Labor Management Committee Meetings (DGS)
This standing committee meeting is with the Department of General Services

CM UNIT Labor Management Committee Meeting (DPW)
This standing committee meeting is with the Department of Public Works. 

                         The Outcome is Better if We Work Together!