The Association of
San Diego County Employees

Member Resources


Weingarten Rights – Rights to Representation at Disciplinary Interviews
Loudermill Rights & Skelly Rights - Due Process Rights
Civil Service Rules (Full)

Worker’s Compensation Attorney:  JOHN GARCIA 619-422-8363
Guidebook for Injured Workers (DIR)
Workers' Compensation Claim Form 
DWC Form 9783 Notice of Pre-Designation of Personal Physician

DWC Form 9783.1 Notice of Personal Chiropractor or Personal Acupuncturist
Medical Mileage Expense Form 
COSD Policy #501- Worker’s Compensation

COSD Policy #702 - Job Fitness Evaluations
2013 Workers' Comp Reform California Senate Bill 863

COSD Department of Human Resources
COSD Labor Relations Ordinance (New Series 2013)
COSD “Statement of Values”
COSD “Statement of Ethical and Legal Standards”
COSD “EAP” Employee Assistance Program
CECO Employee Crisis Fund
SDCERA San Diego County Employees Retirement Association

COSD POLICIES – Quick Reference:

COSD Policy #104 - Probationary Periods
COSD Policy #1003 - Employee Performance Evaluations
COSD Policy – Bring Your Own Device Acceptable Use
DGS Policy - Voluntary Transfers
COSD Policy #101 - Employee Lists
COSD Policy #107 - Drug & Alcohol Policy
COSD Policy #1004 - Employee Discipline
COSD Zero Tolerance Policy - Violence & Threats
DGS Safety - Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Fleet - ASE Study Guides and Sample Test Links:
ASE Study Guides - Free Links
A1 Engine Repair Sample Test
A2 Automatic Transmission Sample Test
A3 Manual Transmission Sample Test
A4 Steering Suspension Sample Test
A5 Brakes Sample Test
A6 Electrical Sample Test
A7 Heating and Air Conditioning Sample Test
A8 Engine Performance Sample Test


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